It's always an honor to create custom heirloom pieces for customers. 

Whether it means reviving a stone from a family heirloom to make something new, engraving a signet with your initials, sourcing a different stone to set in a current ECJ design, or creating a totally one of a kind piece from start to finish. 
I work with many stones including but not limited to antique and recycled white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, colored diamonds, and sapphires.
Turnaround time for custom projects vary from 5 - 8 weeks dependent on the design.   I often work with clients remotely so even if you are not located in the bay area please drop me a line via the email for below and tell me about your custom idea! 


Photo by: Sophia Harris




While thinking of your custom project, please consider these questions and include the answers in your initial email:

1) What is your timeline?

2) What is your ring size?

3) What is your budget?

4) Do you have any inspiration photos or drawings representative of the piece you would like to make?

5) What metal type are you considering? 

6) What stones or gemstones are you considering, if any? 

7) Where are you located? 



Custom Hand Engraving

All hand engraving is done by an incredible artisan in San Francisco who solely practices traditional hand engraving - a trade that is quickly becoming a lost art in the jewelry industry.  Each engraving can add 1-3 weeks of added time onto your ring - I promise it is worth the wait!  Prices can range from $40 - $120 on top of the price of the ring depending on the number and size of characters as well as the font.

Questions for your Engraved Signet:

1) Which signet style would you like to engrave?

2) Please list the letters you would like engraved in their correct order within quotation marks.

3) Font: Cursive, Old English, or Roman?